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will initiate with its 2017 'on-line writing festival' : Independent Authors of Wales Network will offer help, support and exciting writerly opportunities. For the next six months, IAWN are looking for writers in Wales (and beyond) to help build their network and to support each other in a dynamic interactive community. IAWN will provide the expected on-line and social media boost for its members, but perhaps more useful, in the long-run, will be its planned annual Festivals, Competitions and a Member Review Scheme. Interviews with featured writers will appear here on this IAWN weblog.

get thee behind IAWN!

If you are an author, story-teller, poet, blogger... a writer of any kind, with cultural connections to Wales, please have a look at IAWN on Kickstarter and carefully consider which reward would best suit you. IAWN works on the cooperative model, so every author who subscribes, helps every other member… or simply help spread the word by telling anyone you know who may benefit from what IAWN has to offer. If there turns out to be enough enthusiastic, pro-active authors in Wales, this could become a permanent thing - register and pledge to support:

IAWN will not be run for profit, but - to continue beyond the next few months - it does need a modest running-budget to be effective. (There are criteria for full Membership, though there are also Associate Memberships available for creative writing students, journalists, young and new writers, etc.)

Looking beyond the The IAWN 2017 Festival : IAWN is open for applications via our Kickstarter campaign, to gain a ‘critical-mass’ for full start-up.

for news and updates:

Diolch yn fawr IAWN

IAWN Independent Authors of Wales Network
Ysgrifenwyr Annibynnol Rhwydwaith Cymru YARC
supporting indie authors and providing a community hub for interaction


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