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Shifting Shadows - an interview with Thorne Moore

Thorne Moore is many things - a Law Graduate, a historian, a maker of Lilliputian furniture, a writer of crime fiction and 'domestic noir'... With three well-received novels and a book of short stories already out and a new novel set to come out of the Shadows any day soon, Thorne took the time to talk to Remy Dean and answer a few questions for IAWN...

Remy: Conducting these member interviews for IAWN, I have found that most authors here (myself included) are also passionate about the wider arts and are visual artists of some kind as well as writers. You also have a second outlet for your creativity - making miniature period furniture replicas! How do these two branches of creativity tie-together for you?

Thorne: I suppose they both make use of my imagination and my creativity, which I hate to see go to waste. At the end of each day I have created something, at my laptop or in my workshop. Something other than money. I haven’t just pushed endless pegs into holes or papers …

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