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The Spaces Between - an interview with Emily Meilleur

Continuing IAWN's coverage of Helfa Gelf's  YMYL-2-EDGE, an exciting creative programme that involves fusing art and tech in exciting new ways, we are pleased to present the final in a series of interviews with the participants. 

Emily Meilleur is an experimental art adventurer and botanist who also runs a community heritage orchard as part of her role as the Senior Biodiversity Officer for Gwynedd Council. Here she talks with Edge2 Curator, Remy Dean.

Hello, Emily, could you please briefly introduce your creative practice and describe your approach to making art?

My creative practice starts with thinking, looking and experimenting. I use paper, pens, photographs, video and found objects. I have been exploring the edges of lines, the boundary between one thing and another. Through harnessing natural forces, such as wind, a line between control and chaos can be made.

As an ecologist and botanist I have been studying the natural world, its complexity, connectivity and beauty. I ap…

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